We contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by providing innovative and proven educational tools.

We formulate, structure and operate small and large scale projects in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

We also organize laboratories where the academy and the beneficiaries validate, in a given context, which are the most pertinent intervention methodologies as well as the adjustments they require.




In this moment, we are operating the five following programs:

  • The POETA programthe Employment Opportunity Program through Technology in the Americas of the OAS, Organization of American States and the Trust for the Americas. POETA is a model of social development that seeks to consolidate and strengthen a network of Technology Centers run by NGOs, public sector entities, private and academic institutions, through a methodological offer composed of resources, services and benefits for the promotion of social inclusion and the generation of economic and educational opportunities in vulnerable populations.
  • The SLC21 Program, Smart Learning Centers for the 21st century, was formulated by EDASY in conjunction with the OEI, Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture. Today, SLC21 is a large program of Development Education that is articulated in 2 contexts: Schools and Women as leaders.
  • The SUPPORT TO TERRITORIES Program integrates diferent projects (solutions) to the sustainable development of organizations. Projects are directed to Territories (projects for the social sector and public schools)
  • The PFS and the SYNERGIES Program provides companies with relevant, simple and on measure tools for your competitiveness and sustainability in the 21st century. It is a single model of 4 optimized steps involving your different work teams.
  • The SUPPORT TO B CORPORATIONS Program integrated diferent projects (solutions) necesaries to the sustainable development of organizations. Those projects are directed to Social Enterprises.


We make a methodological distinction between direct social interventions and applied social research laboratories for social innovation.

Direct social interventions consist of the application in communities of proven social technologies.

The Applied Research Laboratories for Social Innovation are spaces where we develop and / or adapt Social Technologies in different contexts. Our laboratories permanently experience in vivo solutions that drive, accelerate and inspire social innovation.

Being small units, they allow us to internalize the risks linked to innovation and reduce the scale of the pilots.

These Laboratories are developed in conjunction with strategic partners and thematic experts from academia, civil society, the public and private sectors, and the populations that we intend to intervene.

Each social technology developed in our laboratories is directly applicable in the field.
Our labs are funded by EDASY and its partners.