Inicio The PFS and the SYNERGIES Program

The PFS and the SYNERGIES Program

The PFS, Portafolio For Sustainibility, in an integral model for sustainability and competitiveness in the 21st century.

The new century brings unprecedented challenges to our world: Demographic changes, technological and legal changes, changes in access to physical resources, etc. These widely announced mutations are already being observed in the markets and companies are called to a meticulous preparation that will allow them the programmed and harmonious adaptation essential to face the future serenely.

The Portafolio For Sustainability, PFS, was designed by international thematic experts for companies that want to remain competitive and sustainable in this world in transition. The model proposes a series of simple tools particularly relevant in terms of results. Its disruptive methodology that allows significant short and long term achievements through the active and informed participation of the employees.

The SYNERGIES Program is a first step, simple and impressive, in that direction.


The SYNERGIES Program develops synergies between employees through two approaches: Innovation and continuous process improvement.
The program is divided into three consecutive and complementary stages that allow beneficiaries to acquire both the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve both competitiveness and economic sustainability of your company in the 21st century.
The SYNERGIES Program is the first step of the PFS and is an essential element for the adequate preparation of your company’s strategic collaborators to achieve their objectives.