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EDASY Management Team


Jairo AROSEMENA PÉREZ, is a Colombian engineer and economist widely recognized and passionate about management and sustainable development.

He studied at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Valle, Universidad Externado, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad San Buenaventura and Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.

He is an integral professional with extensive training and experience.

He has competencies developed in leadership and communication, with postgraduate degrees in administration, production, logistics and international cooperation.

He is trained in senior management with certified experience in companies in the services, education and social sector with an emphasis on human, economic and environmental development. He was head of the social marketing operational unit at COMFANDI.

On the other hand, he also has extensive experience in university education in the formulation, structuring and management of development projects. Currently, he is pursuing a Master in Education and promotes sustainability through mediation in social technologies, ICT and economic and financial education.


Olivier Paul BOUILLAUD GANDAUBERT is a French social entrepreneur graduated in biology and business administration in Paris, France.

He has been dedicated to promoting sustainable development since 2006 with extensive field experience with vulnerable populations in conflict zones.

In 2008, he won second place in the Green Venture Award for his research and social project on second generation biofuels, a project developed in Bogotá DC, Meta and Vichada, Colombia.

In 2009, the Nariño government invited him to structure and manage a project for the substitution of illicit crops in the Patía region, department of Nariño, in Colombia, an area affected by the armed conflict and drug trafficking. In parallel and until 2016, he developed environmental education, protection and valorization projects in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Also, he has extensive experience in teaching and training of trainers with the latest pedagogical and didactic methodologies.

In 2016, he was invited to join the Community POSITIV HUB International and EDASY team where he currently holds the position of Chief Program Officer.